OLIMUNLLUM® CF/PEEK Solid Composites


Olimunllum® CF/PEEK semi-finished composite sheets, plates and profiles are the result of the combination of a high performance thermoplastic polymer (modified Polyetheretherketone) and endless PAN-Carbon fibers, produced in a continuous process, delivering an endless product that is then cut to customer desired logistic length.

By standardizing the mix of polymer and reinforcement in order to achieve a high degree of isotropy (meaning that the material properties are similar in all geometric load carrying directions), Olimunllum® CF/PEEK semi finished products (sheet, plates, tubes and profiles) become usable off-the-shelve, in practically the same way as classic light weight metals such as Aluminum or Titanium.

The main difference between thermoplastic and the classic thermoset (also called duroplastic) polymers is that former have physical bonds between the molecules, instead of needing a chemical transformation to get into a solid end-use estate.

This is the main reason why thermoplastic composites like Olimunllum® CF/PEEK can be processed very quickly and in extremely short cycles (analog to injection moulding, usually in parts of a minute) and open the road for broad use in light weight applications involving high volumes and rational processing requirements.

Olimunllum® CF/PEEK semi-finished products offer:


  • excellent impact strength and creep resistance

  • very low coeff. of friction (0.15-0.25)

  • very high fatigue resistance

  • good damping characteristic (less vibrations)

  • very high chemical and corrosion resistance and gas impermeability

  • continuous service-temperature up to 250°C

  • minimum weight (1/2 of Aluminum, 1/3 of Titanium, 1/5 of Steel)

Olimunllum® CF/PEEK consolidated carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic plates, sheets and profiles can be further processed into finished products through the common post processing technics in use for metallic materials (chip removing machining, turning, grinding, and cutting), as well as bend into 3D shapes using simple thermoforming equipment (heated press equipment).



Thanks to its very low water absorption and inert behavior, Olimunllum® CF/PEEK has an indefinite shell life at ambient conditions.