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Olimunllum® Engineered Thermoplastic

Solid Composites


Olimunllum® reinforced solid PAEK Material is the genuine and only family of Heavy-Duty PEEK based engineered Solid Composite Materials that is produced, tested and certified to constantly conform your specification, based on:


-zero void content

-maximized Service Temperature

-maximized Corrosion Resistance

-maximized Mechanical Property values (maximum isotropic reinforcement capacity based on multiangle stack of endless UD single plies)


The Olimunllum® Solid Carbon/PEEK and Ceramic/PEEK plates and sheets are manufactured on specific Processing Equipment designed, built and proofed to secure:


-the highest consolidating pressure

-the most accurate Temperature and Pressure distribution

-the maximum dimensional accuracy

-the tightest repeatable dimensional tolerances

-the highest purity and FPD (Foreign Particle Debris) absence


Olimunllum® Solid Carbon/PEEK and Ceramic/PEEK are the first solid high performance thermoplastic engineered composites available in standard formats from stock, as well as customized from licensed distributors and certified processing partners.


Only genuine certified Olimunllum® CF/PEEK and Olimunllum® Ceramic/PEEK solid materials offer test, record, guarantee and conformity certification to comply with the newest specifications for the material use approval in your Med-, Food-, Aviation or Defense application.


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Solid Engineered Thermoplastic

semis vs. Thermoset finished components


The main difference between thermoplastic and the classic thermoset (also called duroplastic) polymers is that former have physical bonds between the molecules, instead of needing a chemical transformation to get into a solid end-use estate.

This is the main reason why thermoplastic composites like Olimunllum® CF/PEEK can be processed very quickly and in extremely short cycles (analog to injection moulding, usually in parts of a minute) and open the road for broad use in light weight applications involving high volumes and the use of rational, scaled  processing equipment.

Olimunllum® CF/PEEK solid semi-finished products are the choice for products requested to offer:


  • excellent impact strength and creep resistance

  • very low coeff. of friction (0.15-0.25)

  • very high fatigue resistance

  • good damping characteristic (less vibrations)

  • very high chemical corrosion resistance and gas impermeability

  • continuous service-temperatures up to 250°C

  • minimum weight (1/2 of Aluminum, 1/3 of Titanium, 1/5 of Steel)​

Olimunllum® CF/PEEK consolidated carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic plates, sheets and profiles can be further processed into finished products through the common post processing technics in use for metallic materials (chip removing machining, turning, grinding, and cutting), as well as bend into 3D shapes using simple thermoforming equipment (heated press equipment).



Thanks to its very low water absorption and inert behavior, Olimunllum® CF/PEEK has an indefinite shell life at ambient conditions.

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